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Posted by Vasudev Murthy.P   |   Profession: Director-Training, Tools Academy For Career Excellence

Are you S.M.A.R.T. enough to find a Suitable job?


  Every college graduate aspiring for a challenging and rewarding job.   This idea is been put in to his/her mind right from the beginning.   Parents are always nagging their children for not being smart and   they   perceive the risk is not getting a good job for his/her undoing.   Neighbors, peers and seniors also put   pressure both directly or   indirectly by projecting their or their near and dear ones professional   success.

  All these young minds who want to become big through our career   will face a question or rather a dilemma of choosing a right career.   The real dilemma will start at the time of choosing the major subjects in studying. Here also parents and peer pressure will play an important role. Though not interested young minds are forced to take up the unwanted or we can say unwilling courses.

Despite of all these odds at the beginning unlike in other western countries they will adjust and adopt themselves for the system and continue with that. Thanks to the grading procedure of our educational system marks are more important than the real intelligence. Due to this strange system the people who have enough marks on the marks sheet is De-facto eligibility for the employment.

But the question arises at every corner that are these people SMART?

In the ever changing economic scenario the demand of corporate from their human capital is constantly increasing.

The challenge for them is to produce a high quality product/service at the lowest cost and deliver it to the customer in fastest mode of delivery. These challenges will make them to demand more from the vendors and employees which ultimately boils down to smarter employees. To sustain these kind of dynamic situations the employees are able to be more adoptable and of course capable of Multitasking.

Thus the word S M A R T will have a changed meaning

Self starter, Manageable, Articulative, Reliable Through

Though each word looks very simple and everybody feels they have all the qualities in them look at what corporate say on each word.

This is a word used by corporate those who does not need any push to do their jobs. Person who is a self starter is also having self confidence, clear in his thoughts and have a certain degree of leadership skills. All self starters need not be having all these qualities. Some are self starters just for the sake of starting. People with ample experience can immediately judge these fake self starters.

Another quality of self starters is the positive energy they bring in to themselves and in their team. They bring in fresh ideas, newer approach towards the challenges or even simply a much needed push for starting the job. They carry a certain degree of aura or charisma around them.

A manager always looks for self starters in their team to make sure that the level of supervision will be minimal.

We cannot find an exact literary meaning for this word. Manageable can also be taken as manage able i.e.… one who can able to manage which implicitly means the leadership skills and the ability of the employee to work under a team or under a head without any inflated egos. Above said meanings for the word manageable are to be taken in different context. It gives an insight on the employees' capability to work under different working conditions. Though this is more of a subjective kind of quality it weighs more during the appraisals and choosing for a challenging project.

This quality is also referred as communication skills. One of the most important things in the growth path is his/her ability to communicate. Articulative also include both written and verbal communication. It is ability and also a skill. Ability is because some people are born articulative and skill is because it can be acquired by practice. Ability to communicate also includes the quality of assertiveness (communicating without hurting the other person's intentions) empathy (thinking in other person's point of view).

Reliability is the ability of any individual to perform functions routinely and also under unexpected or hostile environments. This also a measure of trustworthiness of an employee towards any assigned Job. Trustworthiness though includes honesty but does not limit to it. Reliability is also a measure of extent with which the company or superiors depend on you for accomplishing the goal. In any high stakes corporate environment one has to learn performing

with out or with least supervision. A reliable employee will give that comfort to the management so that they can rest assure about the progress or result of the assigned work.

The word "Through" is used as adjective which indicates any work done without negligence and completed perfectly. In corporate environment the word "Through" is used in the same context. This does not men one has to be master of all but it does mean one should not be Jack of all. Companies hire executives based on specific professional needs and expect them to become acquainted with all aspects within short span of time. No seniors expect the new joinees to perform with full knowledge. But they expect them to become through on their responsibilities in short span of time.

The above acronym is just some of the qualities a corporate expects from its employees. This does not mean they only look in to these qualities. In this era of commoditization of grades and marks if any individual posses these basic qualities chances of being employed will be high.


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