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Posted by Vasudev Murthy.P   |   Profession: Director-Training, Tools Academy For Career Excellence

Beware of these people in your office

There are several kinds of personalities you come across on a daily basis in your life at your workplace. Some of them are really friendly and nice, whereas you just can't stand some of them various kinds of personalities you meet at office and the ones you should be careful of.

They are very nice and jovial. You can find them very interesting the moment they speak to you. These Kinds of people are extroverts and initiators in discussions. They can even explain their Dog for an Hour. They may engage you in Spicy gossips or unnecessary discussion on useless topics. Though they may not harm you, their company may not fetch you good things in the organisation.

They have a habit to being unhappy about almost everything. Nothing that happens at your office amuses them. Regardless of all the good happening around them, they will complaint about it. It is better to maintain a safe distance from them since they can adversely affect the way you think about your surroundings. Quite simply, they dissipate negative energy and you unknowingly get your share, which is not good for you or for your work.

They would seek every help when they are in trouble. Unfortunately, they just don't have decency to offer you your share of credit after their task is complete. The simplest way to prevent this from happening is to identify those who have such a habit and then, nicely refuse to help out. In addition, always make sure that you extend a helping hand to those who deserve it and are nice enough to share with you the credit for your efforts.

These are people who are easy to find and difficult to understand. They always look grim faced and never do any unnecessary things in the office. They look very simple and go by the rules. Beware of these people! These Silent killers normally observe everybody and reports to the Higher ups. Sometimes you may not even notice their existence.


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