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Posted by Vasudev Murthy.P   |   Profession: Director-Training, Tools Academy For Career Excellence

Your first day as an Employee

Gone are the days when you have enjoyed your college, your friends, Your Hobbies. With no much responsibility you must have thought Life is as good as it is.

Now you are not a student! You are an Employee. You have successfully overcome the level of Interview and got noticed by an organisation. They have identified your Knowledge and Skills. In this very competitive world, the way you carryout from now on will matter more than your academics.

Here are a few guiding principles which will help you get your first day right. Keeping these in mind will prepare you and guide you on what action to take, and how to behave in a variety of situations that you may face on the first day.

first-day-as-an-employeeBE ON TIME
Before the joining date call up the HR person and check about the Office timings. Unless specified be at the office on the starting of Office hours. Make sure you carry following thins.

  • Your appointment order.- 2 copies
  • Passport size Photographs- 4
  • Address proof/ PAN card
  • Originals of Marks card and other certificates.
  • Any other papers/documents which Organisation asks specifically.
  • Make a check list and do not leave anything behind. Though HR won't tell anything it creates an impression that your are little care less.

    Now a day's most of the companies are lenient on the dress code however one should not go to the office on the first day as he /she is going for the college. On the joining day do not take any risk! Dress up formally. For men a white shirt and a dark trouser is always a better choice and for girls any formal wear with decent colour is acceptable. Do not wear flashy accessories. A well groomed employee always scores the first impression.

    Do not get carried away by the way seniors in the organisation dresses. They have earned respect through their work hence their dress code will become secondary.

    Many companies have formal dress code culture. Do not comment on the policy just adhere to it !

    first-day-as-an-employeeMAKE SMALL NOTE TO BRIEF ABOUT YOURSELF
    Many companies will have a structured induction program. During this you will be asked to introduce to your co-joiners and seniors. This is a great opportunity to project you. Though you are confidant you may miss out something as time given for this is very limited. Here you should tell your name, your graduation and Place and on what capacity you have joined. In some cases they may structure what you have to speak. Do not overstate what you are and what you can do.

    In some organisation you will be taken to all the seniors and introduced personally. Be presentable and polite. Answer to them positively

    Once you got introduced, get a copy of your company/ branch's organisation chart. Knowing the reporting structure will make you familiar with all the players in the organisation. This will also help you in understanding whom to speak in case you need any help.

    Many times your boss is not the same person who has interviewed you. Ask the HR about your reporting structure and sit with your reporting boss to understand the job. This shows your eagerness to learn. Do not show excess zeal to create an impression! Be realistic about your abilities. Ask only relevant questions and answer to the questions positively.


  • Talk what you know and know what you talk
  • Know the method of communication ( professional or simple)
  • Know the policies and guidelines.
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